The two-day smoveyCOACH training is the second stage towards your self-employed position as a licensed distribution partner of the smoveyACADEMY. This allows you to teach the basic course, hold smoveyWALKS or to create and run movement programmes for various target groups, such as kindergartens, day-care centres, schools, health and leisure athletes, sports enthusiasts, and clubs.

Provided that you hold the relevant qualifications, you may also work with clients or groups with the following clinical pictures in the smovey framework, such as: Parkinson's disease, diabetes, rheumatism, obesity. You may be then be in contact with these groups and move them with the smovey techniques.

Fitness athletes / competitive athletes with (certified) existing knowledge in the area of sports and health or other suitable areas may also be coached.


1. day: BASIC + 2. day: COACH = smoveyCOACH € 378,- (518 CHF)


Price per module: € 189,- (259 CHF)

Coaches who have already completed the one-day training may book the second day as an additional follow-up course.