Continuous professional development


smovey is suitable for all age groups – this makes it CROSS-GENERATIONAL. In this CPD course, participants will learn how to consistently expand their target groups:

Children (schools, kindergartens, day-care centres), seniors (nursing homes, assisted living, senior groups), and corporations / institutions (corporate health promotion ...).

The focus of this one-day workshop is the “CLOSE-UP” with school-age children and elderly people in a nursing. This is how any existing “barriers” can be overcome and how participants will have the opportunity to learn “in a protected space”. This makes this workshop an easy way to find out on which group(s) you would like to focus when you determine your smoveyFOCUS.

The theoretical part includes introductions and a summary of all the necessary documents (Clubboxx, Schoolboxx...), lots of helpful information, tips and videos in certain subject areas as well as various opportunities to use what you have learned at events (e.g. smoveySCHOOL-Day, the moving classroom, the moving lunch break, and much more)


Costs: € 159,- (219 CHF)