Continuous professional development


In this two-day CPD course, the best basics for your own training but also for teaching with smoveys will be taught. You will gain a new perspective on partially outdated training theories. You will get lots of ideas for effective training practice, and you will obtain a lot of interesting knowledge of the complex functions of the human body.

Fascination and enthusiasm arouse a desire for movement. Skill means safety, both for your own training and for preparing your courses. Essential understanding of anatomy and the physiology of the human organism will form the basis on which we will immediately implement training practice.

This is why we will start by covering the most important and absolutely fascinating basics of balance, stability, strength, and flexibility of the human body. We will explore the special effects of the smoveys on joints, the spinal column, muscles, and fascias. We will bring this together with the latest findings in brain research as well as the latest findings regarding effective stretching combined with strength-building.

The body will be challenged and supported in a soft, aware, easily implementable but also highly effective manner. This is how you can stabilise and straighten your back in no time – both for prevention and in the event that you should suffer from back pain. In addition to this, balanced, smooth movement and strengthening of all joints, muscles, and fascias will be achieved.

Owing to specific strength and movement and comparison tests, the special effect of smoveys will be visible and can be felt immediately. The goal and purpose of each series of exercises will be explained in great detail. The targeted use of music and didactic structuring will also be taught. You will receive answers to many of your questions in order to give you the tools you need in order to confidently respond to the problems and fears of your clients.

We guarantee you that this will be an exciting journey. This weekend of seminars contains all the knowledge and 35 years of professional experience of a fully dedicated coach and trainer.


Saturdays from 10 am until 05 pm

Sundays from 09 am until 04 pm


Handouts and participation certificate for both days included: € 360,- (499 CHF)

(with prior arrangement, the first day may also be booked separately)