Continuous professional development


Continuous professional development for smoveyCOACHES


In this CPD course, we combine shuffle-dance steps with basic steps from dancing and fitness. Strengthening the body and improving coordination as well as the joy of movement are transformed into energy-packed step combinations. Our focus here will be as much on the necessary elasticity and stage presence as it will be on the basic know-how required in the areas of educational theory, didactics, and choreography building.

Participants should have basic knowledge of musical theory and knowledge of human anatomy.

StageArts by Nicole Wegerer-Jeschke became established as early as 2016 with shuffle-dance workshops. Demand in this area is constantly growing, and it also targets the younger generation with its enthusiasm for sports and dance and that enjoys this type of movement.

The combination of dance, fitness, and the cool shuffle dance moves not only put you in a good mood, but they also strengthen your muscles, teach you coordination, and improve your memory. Owing to the interplay of dance and the smoveys, this dance and fun doubles as a power workout for your upper body and the upper extremities. This also balances out your energy and water levels with the vibration frequency of the smoveys.

Nicole Wegerer-Jeschke has been dancing on stages large and small for 33 years. She has completed several training courses and workshops, and she has done the choreography and production of projects such as Kinderklangwolke, theatre pieces, compositions, danced fashion shows, and she has taught in the corporate sector. The trend sport of pole dance has been taught in Linz by Nicole Wegerer-Jeschke from day one. In addition to this, she is also the co-founder of the pole dance trainer course, and she has created her very own programme of dance tutorials, Basics2Dance. Being a parodist and the organiser of the group “Die Parodeiser”, she has the knowledge of events, stage comedy, and the wow-effect required.

With the concept and training of future coaches for smoveySHUFFLE & smoveySTRETCH she is now bringing an additional component to the smovey power line.


Costs: € 189,- (259 CHF)