smoveyPOWER - green


The smoveyPOWER is an oscillating ring system consisting of a spiral tube, 4 steel balls and a handle system that permits propulsion of the balls trough the entire length of the tube.

Oscillation of the rings forwards, backwards or in a circular formation promts the steel balls to move as free mass, generating the vibration that is typical of smovey by way of their rolling motion across the grooves and ridges of the spiral. 

In addiction to the customary effects of oscillation and vibration, the smoveyPOWER permits dynamics of any sort - for even more intensive and flexible training with smovey!




- Dynamic development of smoveyCLASSIC

- Weight per piece: approx. 500 g

- Round shape

- 4 steel balls

- Suitable for weight, dance and running training


€ 99,90 inkl. 20.0 % MwSt.

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