This is our new training tracked aimed at anyone who has already completed professional training in fitness, training, movement, and health. This track leads you directly to the smoveyCOACH+ stage once you have completed all the courses relevant to these professional groups, such as anatomy, training theory etc. The plus sign indicates that several years of training have been completed before an individual reaches this stage. With Monika Schuchlenz and Mag. Gottfried Kürmer or Kathrin Junker and Bianca Kern.


Admission requirements:

Recognised and completed training / degree in rehabilitation, training, and movement. Generally the following must be covered by such a training course and / or degree:


- Anatomy

- Training theory

- Physiology

- Methodology

- Didactics

- Practical exercises

Category A:

For the following training stages, the type and length of the professional training that a person has undergone is a decisive factor, and this will be decided by the + Team on a case-by-case basis.


- Minimum training duration 100h +
- Please only send this proof by email:

     - Please send your photo or scan to: AUSTRIA -

                                                                     GERMANY -

     - Group fitness trainer

     - Fitness trainer

     - Personal trainer

     - Training supervisor

     - And similar training courses


Category B:

For the following training courses / degree courses a document proving completion is sufficient:


     - State-certified instructor (previously known as ‘Lehrwart’)

     - State-certified trainer • PE teacher

     - State-certified recognised PE and gymnastics teacher

     - Sports scientist

     - Physiotherapist

     - Ergotherapist

     - Sports physician


Costs: € 189,- (259 CHF)