That's smovey®!

smoveyVIBROSWING® is an innovative one oscillating
ring system, consisting of a spiral hose, four steel balls
and a handle system with damping elements.

4 free-running steel balls moving as a
free mass. They hit against the spiral grooves and
ridges of the tube with a pulsing action and generate
a noticeable vibration in the user's palm.

To transfer these vibrations into the palms as effectively
as possible, smovey® uses a hard plastic tube with a foam
rubber grip. On either end of the tube is a dampening
element with a very minimal memory effect.









The weight of one ring,

at rest, is about one pound

and through the centrifugal

force created by the swinging

motion, the perceivable weight

increases to almost 12 pounds.





smovey® diversity.

vielfalt classic NEU


Antibacterial foam rubber handle.
Smoother transmission of vibrations.
Also suitable for little hands.
Very soft grip

vielfalt aqua NEU


Suitable for aqua gymnastics. With high quality
adhesive. Waterproof. ergonomically shaped
grip. Dries quickly. Easy to clean!

vielfalt power NEU


Dynamic development of smoveyCLASSIC.
Round shape. With 4 or 6 steel balls. Suitable
for weight/dance and running training.

vielfalt glow NEU


The special editions. Special colors,
special robustness. Glow
effect in the dark.


For people.
By people.

True to this saying, smoveys® are produced in an integrated
factory, by people with mild physical limitations, in Weyer,
Upper Austria. Due to the location of our factory, we can guarantee
the following criteria for every smoveys® unit produced:

teaser checkmark

Handmade in Austria

Since the beginning of production in 2006, every smoveys® unit has been made by hand, with quality control checks following every step of production.

teaser checkmark v2

The original.

The unmistakable characteristic of smoveys®, through color, shape, appearance and workmanship give our product a monopoly as an optimally functioning swinging ring system.

teaser checkmark v3

New opportunities.

smoveys® creates an opportunity for people who have had difficulty finding work due to disability to enter the job market through cooperation with this special project.



To ensure the best quality we now produce the smoveyTUBE ourselves and we
would like 
to give you a little insight into our own extrusion line.