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Become a smoveyCOACH.


In 2018, the smoveyACADEMY developed a new multi-stage
training structure optimised according to the wishes of our participants. It starts
with basic training as a smoveyCOACH and goes up to official
certification as a smoveyMASTER-Coach.


Set your sporty focus, and complete your basic training. Upon successful completion of
your two-day COACH training you may proudly call yourself a smoveyCOACH!

The two-day smoveyCOACH training is the second stage towards your self-employed position as a licensed distribution partner of the smoveyACADEMY. This allows you to teach the basic course, smoveyWALKS or to create and run movement programmes for various target groups, such as kindergartens, day-care centres, schools, health and leisure athletes, sports enthusiasts, and clubs.

This is our new training track aimed at anyone who has already completed professional training in fitness, training, movement, and health. This track leads you directly to the smoveyCOACH+ stage once you have completed all the courses relevant to these professional groups, such as anatomy, training theory etc.

One-day training (9 hours) with an authorised smoveyWALKING guide instructor.
Authorisation to conduct smoveyWALKS and smoveyINTRODUCTIONS.

During the one-day training as a smoveyFIT'N'DANCE trainer, you will learn how to correctly execute your movements with the smovey. Fitness and dance elements (choreographies) with thesmoveyPOWER to specially-composed music.


As a participant in the basic training sessions and as a licence partner,
you can take part in the smoveyBUSINESS-Day!

The smoveyBUSINESS-Day offers any interested
valuable support in various areas.


Join us and reinforce your knowledge and skills for your smoveyBUSINESS!

Attend the exclusive smoveyFORUM to obtain the most up-to-day information and the most helpful smoveyTOOLS from experienced speakers, use the smoveyOFFICE, take advantage of the opportunity to exchange experiences and to network with colleagues, and improve your smoveySKILLS this way.


Choose your CPD course and deepen your knowledge in one or more specialist fields. If you have completed
any 5 CPD courses in addition to your basic training and you have completed the BUSINESS-Day, then
you are officially a smoveyMASTER-Trainer!

smoveyBODYWORK is divided up into a presentation part and an active part.  Warm-up, fat burner, Tabata, and stretching will be explained, and as early as at this stage, targeted exercises will be used.

smovey(un)AFFECTED is a full-day CPD course developed and devised specifically in order to give all smoveyCOACHES and people caring for the disabled the ability to learn how to work with people with special needs in the framework of a smoveyTRAINING and how to use these skills later on in training groups.

In this CPD course, we combine shuffle-dance steps with basic steps from dancing and fitness.
Strengthening the
body and improving coordination as well as the joy of movement
are transformed into energy-packed step combinations!

This training course will teach you important stretching elements as well as theory and information regarding the importance of stretching and flexibility. Basic know-how on educational theory, didactics and instruction, and correction of the individual stretching exercises with or without smoveys will also be covered on this day. 

In this two-day CPD course, the best basics for your own training but also for teaching with smoveys
will be taught. You will gain a new perspective on partially outdated training theories. You will get lots of
ideas for effective training practice, and you will obtain a lot of interesting
knowledge of the complex functions of the human body.

Learn how to train with smoveys in water, and what the effects of water resistance are on the human
body. In this CPD course, you will learn the skills required for you to be able
to conduct your own varied smoveyAQUA units!

In this CPD course, you will learn the basics of a holistic health programme involving smoveys. Such programmes combine mental techniques, movement, cleansing, and nutrition in a unique way.

Concious movement with smovey = adapted, effective motion sequences creating the feeling 
of relaxation and grounding at the same time, progressive muscle relaxation,
stretching exercises, centring the body and more!

smovey is suitable for all age groups – this makes it CROSS-GENERATIONAL. In this CPD course, participants will learn how to consistently expand their target groups!

The one-day CPD course smoveyCORE&MORE of our smoveyFIED trainer Bianca Kern will teach you a wide range of sport-specific basic knowledge from A to Z.

In this one-day CPD course, you will learn the following basics while taking into account a heterogeneous make-up of participants and their individual fitness level: Warm-up, strength, stamina, body awareness, walking technique, gait - the upright human, route profile, class structure, mindfulness training, organisation and forms of play will all be taught in this course.