Completes the one-day training (with a duration of 9 hours) with an authorised smoveyWALKING guide instructor, and obtains the authorisation to conduct smoveyWALKS and smoveyINTRODUCTIONS with individuals and groups.


The training covers the following:



- The history of smoveys, the equipment and philosophy of smovey

- The effects of smoveys



- The methodology of the smoveyWALKING technique

- Basic posture

- Correct swinging (wrists, elbows, holding the smovey)

- Correcting incorrect handling

- Warm-up prior to a walk

- Basic exercises

- Exercises aimed at preparing for correct walking (arm-and-leg coordination)

- Walking on even surfaces, inclines, declines

- Foot and leg technique

- Partner exercises, group exercises

- Exercises involving natural elements (steps, tree trunks, forests, stones etc.)

- Cool-down exercises

- Rolling off


Organisational aspects:

- Holding commercial smoveyWALKS (application, course fee etc.)

- Equipment for smoveyWALKING guides

- Special conditions for smoveys for smoveyWALKING guides holding a licence or being distribution partners

- Guarantee and warranty on the product

- Questions of participants


smoveyWALKING-Guides are authorised to hold smoveyWALKS in various variations. The smoveyCOACH training must be completed for you to have access to more training offers (intensive courses, movement units for specific groups of people etc.)!


smoveyWALKING-Guide - Instructors


Costs: € 189,- (259 CHF)