Continuous professional development


smoveyBODYWORK: Initially, the basics of the smovey as a product will be explained.

The actual workshop is divided up into a presentation part and an active part. In the presentation part, warm-up, fat burner, Tabata, and stretching will all be explained. It is as early as at this stage, that targeted exercises in these areas will be used. In the active part following this session, the perfect smoveyBODYWORK unit will be explained. Bodily fitness of participants is assumed.

Burning fat and increasing performance will be fully implemented in this part.

smoveyBODYWORK is the perfect workshop for those looking to see successes at the gym but also for those looking to keep up their bodily fitness.


Costs: € 169,- (229 CHF)

incl. smoveyBODYWORK - DVD by Detlef D! Soost & Kate Hall und Script