FIT'N'DANCE - Mastertraining



During the one-day training as a smoveyFIT'N'DANCE trainer, you will learn how to correctly execute your movements with the smovey. Fitness and dance elements (choreographies) with the smoveyPOWER to specially-composed music.

This programme builds fitness and rhythm, and the vibration of the rings involves the lymph system, the small short muscles, and the nervous system. Both in terms of coordination and muscles, this programme is in the sporty department. As always, each participant can determine the level of intensity of the programme. This is why ANYONE can participate.

You will receive a certificate as a smoveyFIT’N’DANCE trainer, and once you have obtained your smoveyLICENCE, you will be authorised to offer commercial FIT’N’DANCE trainings. Delve into the next smovey level. Trainers Monika and Sebastian are looking forward to some energy-packed training days!


Costs: € 199,- (269 CHF)

For registrations received by 10/10/2019, 2 people may participate for the price of € 199,- (269 CHF).
This means that you can bring somebody along FOR FREE!

(A maximum of 1 of these 2 people may be a licence holder)